SEPTEMBER 2016 - News
Une gamine de douze ans de l'état de Washington s'est mise à la boxe pour lutter contre sa maladie. Elle aide aussi les autres enfants qui souffrent comme elle à trouver une porte de sortie. Elle s'appelle Morgan Wlaschindj et nous avons la même pathologie, elle et moi. Je ne la connaissais pas avant qu'elle m'apprenne qu'elle avait réalisé une vidéo en utilisant un de mes morceaux. Life is full of surprises ! Good luck lil' girl !
OCTOBER 2015 - News

New short story about Lemmy !

JUNE 2014 - News
Bye bye muthafucka from the trou-du-cul-du-monde !!
DECEMBER 2013 - News

Big bro Olivier signing some books and Dominic Sonic. I'm proud to count him in.

NOVEMBER 2013 - News

New publications : a short story in The Cramps tribute published by Camion Blanc and another one for a Nirvana tribute published by Buchet-Chastel. And the long awaited project around rock and philosophy is available now. Thanx to the Intervalles Publisher.

JULY 2013 - Review
A new review from Zic Boom about the EP tribute to Little Bob.
JUNE 2013 - Website
Mr Dead Elvis added Dallas Kincaid on his website: the fabulous Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave !! Thanx a lot dude !!! main.htm
APRIL 2013 - New publication
Dallas Kincaid appears in the tribute to Little Bob (a short story published in the book and a cover in the cd sampler). Click the image mofos !
JANUARY 2013 - New review

A little word in Zic Boom about the bio. Here
Somewhere in the municipal library in Troyes.

DECEMBER 2012 - News from The Oubliettes release
Lil' One-Arm is out. An interview in Dig It here and a second one in Abus Dangereux here. A review about the biography in Dig It here.
A new review about the bio from Marc Villard, the famous french novelist. Here.
OCTOBER 2012 - Pride again !

Lil' One-Arm : The Oubliettes lost album is out ! Buy it here ! And watch the trailer directed by Ali Smith !


SEPTEMBER 2012 - Pride !

One of the biggest pride in my life. The first book signed in the name of Mathias Moreau is out ! Published by Camion Blanc & illustrated by Jean-Christophe Chauzy. This is the official biography of MVR. Buy it here or here !

Matt Verta-Ray, d'Andy Warhol au rock expressionniste new-yorkais

SEPTEMBER 2012 - Wedding !

Dallas Kincaid proudly announced his wedding ! It was a total surprise for the friends who were there ! The secret has been kept til the end !

JULY 2012 - Bye bye assholes !
I know what freedom means !
JUNE 2012 - New reviews
New review from the french fanzine: 442 ème Rue and the italian one: Beautiful Freaks.
MAY 2012
New social network account : Twitter [click me fuckers !]
APRIL 2012 - Bye to Gaêl !
I'd like to say GoodBye to a great photographer: Gael Van Dongen. We worked together in 2007. His pix are available in the Photos section.
MARCH 2012 - New publication

Great review in Rock N Folk - April 2012. Here !

Mat has been published once again by Buchet-Chastel in The doors-23 nouvelles aux portes du noir. Salon du Livre 2012 :

JANUARY 2012 - New publication
A new short story from Mat has been published in La Souris Déglinguée, 30 histoires lysergiques at Camion Blanc
OCTOBER 2011 - New gig

Dallas Kincaid will support Dr FeelGood October the 8th at L'Orange Bleue. 9 pm.

SEPTEMBER 2011 - Spencer Day

Come back to June the 12th and A little word from Jon.............. A longer movie is available in the Videos section....................

AUGUST 2011 - Festival Une Place au Soleil

August the 6th, Vitry Le François, Théâtre de verdure at 10 pm

The mix and the mastering are finished now. Ivan Julian and Matt Verta-Ray have been wonderful and so professional. The result is great. Pablo and I are so grateful and happy. Socadisc will put the record in October in stores. I you want to buy it on line, drop me a line. Here.

JULY 2011 - new gig in December
Dallas Kincaid will play at Le Silex in Auxerre after Skip The Use around 11pm December the 16th.
JUNE 2011 - supporting the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Against all odds, Dallas Kincaid will support The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. It's like playing before God ! La Cartonnerie in Reims june the 12th at 6pm ! The show has been booked four days before !

The show has been incredible for me, great sensations, good sound. Jon has been wonderful, congratulating me on stage, asking about my son and wife. He 's THE man. The most terrific and talented musician. Damn ! It was a great day in my musical life ! I played : Love N Fears, Fake smiles, Staphylococcus blues and Black Betty. Videos and pix soon !!

MAY 2011 - next gig
Dallas Kincaid will support a legendary band in October for one gig. More infos soon !!
APRIL 2011 - news about the next release

Matt Verta Ray works as hell to finish the mixes. The album will be mastered by Ivan Jullian who is the Matt's partner in the studio. Ivan is a punk legend. He worked with The Clash and Richard Hell.

Dallas Kincaid gave a conference about the influence of blues music in Rock'n'Roll to students in a college. He also played for them the evening. The set list was : 1-Love N Fears 2-Damaged 3-Fake smiles 4-The long walk 5-Byebye lil blue bird 6-Juliana 7-Staphylococcus blues 9-Black Betty

Very good review from Les Inrockuptibles about the RAMONES book. The name of Mathias Moreau is quoted : "special mention to Mathias Moreau" (available in the Press section)

MARCH 2011 - news about Dallas Kincaid's literary activities

March the 28th, Mat was invited to Le Salon du Livre in Paris by Buchet Chastel to promote and to sign some fresh books.

Mathias Moreau aka Dallas Kincaid is proud to annouce his presence in the french book called RAMONES, 18 histoires noires et punk published by Buchet-Chastel. Each short stories is interlinked with a Ramones LP. Mat has choosen "End of the Century". Great french writers names also appear in the book: Michel Embareck, Jean Bernard Pouy, Pierre Mikailoff ...

A story from Mat had also found its way in the tribute book to DOGS called "Stories of the DOGS, Histoires pour Dominique" published by Krakoen. The text was "Satisfied". Dallas Kincaid had covered this song in the tribute album, published at the same time, "Stories of the DOGS, songs for Dominique" [Lollipop/Pias]

FEBRUARY 2011- news about the next release

Matt Verta Ray is back in his studio, the NYHed Studio, after a long european tour with Heavy Trash. He has started to work on the mixes of the next album of Dallas Kincaid & EvilMrSod.

French distributor SOCADISC gives his agreement to put the next release in stores. SOCADISC had proudly distributed the two first HEAVY TRASH's albums.

JANUARY 2011 - news from EvilMrSod
Finally, EvilMrSod's new work is here and it's called "El Cuervo EP".More DIY than ever, the EP was completely recorded and performed in Berlin by EvilMrSod and Oliver Grauer. Sean Moore and Frédérique Labbow guest on two of the tracks.A first limited-handmade-numbered edition of 100 copies will be released on November 22nd