the website of the great songwriter Pablo Rodriguez aka EvilMrSod. ------

the website of DK's big bro. He's a talented painter and cartoonist. He drives DK through Rock'n'Roll since 1978.

the website of Alex Horn. A very talented painter and graphist. He worked for Pére Ubu, Heavy Trash, PowerSolo.
The great band of Jon Spencer and Matt Verta Ray and sometimes Atomic Child and Kim Kix. Certainly the best band in the world since their first album.
Matt Verta-Ray Official Website. But who built this website ??
the great band of The Railthin Brothers, Bo and Kim Jeppersen
the reference if you're a Heavy Trash and Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion
the great band of my ol' pal Octave Geoffroy. Octave mixed the 4 trackx pre-LP and played in the Sub Terranean Power Strain album.
a great french band. Its frontman Olivier Vaillant worked with Dallas Kincaid.
influence of DK. Petit Vodo has been the first one to give positive feedback DK's demos.
this is the musical and literary tribute to Dominique Laboubée, leader of DOGS, the french rock'n'roll band. DK covered "satisfied" from " a million ways of killing time" and wrote a short story with the same title.

Eric has influenced DK.
meeting withStephan thank to Pablo. He literaly blew DK's mind. This guy is a real killa and play his National as hell. He's a great great songwriter. Please listen his "changing lanes" !!!
Wayne "the train" Hancock, the king of Juke Joint Swing. The first guy I met in Austin. A legend to me !
Hank Williams the third. I'm a fan since the beginning. I've been the first european to post on the fan's forum. saw him on stage in San Antonio at the Willie Nelson's picninc in 2002.
DK followes Pam since 2006 via Myspace and wrote about her in Abus Dangereux. Pam drives a good trio.