What and who Dallas Kincaid really likes and loves: Jon Spencer, Matt Verta-Ray, SpeedBall Baby, Heavy Trash, JSBX, Midnight Oil, Powersolo, Frandol, The cramps, Petit Vodo, Kid Pharaon, Dogs, Ramones, Stones, Nick Cave, Puccini, Bowie, Sonic Youth, EvilMrSod, Steve Earle, DAF, Suicide, Cheater slicks, Mark Lanegan, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Alan Vega, Ornette Coleman, Scott H Biram, Hank Williams the third and Sr. Emmylou Harris, Subsonics, Johnny Cash, Iggy Pop, Honky Tonk way of life, Austin country music scene, Cassavetes, Lynch, Eastwood, Bukowski, Céline, Francis Scott Fitzgérald, Noureev, Pina Baush, the beat generation, religious painting, Vienna painting school, Classical dance... every single hardcore thing, real angular music and many more fuckers ...

Past shows since 2006 : after Skip the Use in 2011 / supporting The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in 2011/ supporting Dr Feelgood in 2011/ supporting The Cinders in 2006/ supporting Frandol in 2007/ supporting Murray Head in 2009/ supporting Hugh Coltman in 2009/ show case FNAC Rouen and Troyes and release party for "stories of DOGS" tribute to Dominique Laboubée / festival Les Nuits de Champagne / festival du Chien à Plumes / festival Eklektic Rock / festival Nuits du Blues / pré-sélections Découvertes Printemps de Bourges 2010 / festival Off Off Off / festival Ville en Musiques / Lycées en live / festival Kill's Party / festival Les Mélomanies / Le Silex

The dreamed up life of Dallas Kincaid

1972 : Birth in the Champagne area, France
1978 : Meeting with Olivier Brut. They become best pals. Ever. Rock'n'Roll initiation !
1987 : First gig with a teenager band called : Heredo Contagion. Basically they played shitty covers.
1990 : A job in a the B+M Studio. Art & Advertising photos.
1993 : Living in Dijon. Meeting with Octave Geoffroy. Maybe the best songwriter in this area. Later this guy will form The Romanée Counteez, will tour with The Silly Things, will work with Die Puppe.
in the 90's : Dreams, writing, alcohol. A lot of. Mixed together.
1997 : Birth of Main Offenders. An acoustic trio. Two guitars and a bass. A four tracks demo is recorded in 1998.
2000 : The trio turns into a solo project under the name of Dallas Kincaid. Acoustic 12 strings guitar & harmonica. Compositions and folk and country covers.
2002 : Austin, Texas. Meeting with Wayne Hancock, Van Wilks, The Weary Boys, Jesse Dayton. Went to San Antone to see Hank 3 on stage at the Willie Nelson's picnic.
2003 : Dallas Kincaid goes electric. Five tracks demo called Thee Main Offender's lounge is recorded. At home. Trafficks the puter tracks for the first time. 500 CDs are pressed.
2004 : Meeting with Petit Vodo. He listened to Thee Main Offender's lounge and he liked it. Discovery of the auto-sampling system. First pedal bought : Akaï HeadRush 2. Second one : Digitech Jamman.
2006 : First publication : a short story in a tribute book to Dominique Laboubée called : Histoires pour Dominique. Dallas Kincaid covers Satisfied from Dogs in the tribute album : Stories of the Dogs. Beside him Frandol, J. Gluck, J. Asherton, E. Murphy, Cowboys from Outerspace ....

Become a Abus Dangereux interviewer and reviewer.

2007 : Tracking of Mister Flea got my heart for the BlogUpMusic Label free concept : Have a good night #2-Star. Beside DK: P. Mikaïloff, Kid Francescoli, Rubin Steiner, Helluvah ...

Meeting with Eric Bling.

2008 : Release of If you are a heartbreaker, you got a broken heart. Available for free on the Internet.
Inspiration for two court-métrages and a few journalists.
Prize-Winner of DSAR 2008/2010 for the Champagne area. Works with Olivier Vaillant from L'Amour is the answer and Valoy from Valoy-Brown and the Pi. Meeting with Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray.

Meeting with the disease.

2009 : Concerts everywhere in the Champagne area. See the list. Meeting with EvilMrSod.

Creation of Masters At Paradise.

2010 : Concerts and new project. Songs written with EvilMrSod and recorded at home. Matt Verta-Ray is in charge of doing the mix. Ivan Julian [Richard Hell, The Clash, M. Sweet] of doing the mastering.

Meeting with Powersolo, Neal Casal, Rodolphe Burger, Peter Zaremba, Bloodshot Bill, Jake LaBotz, Bob and Lisa, Legendary Tigerman, Scott Biram.

2011 : Supporting Jon "God" Spencer.

Release of Subterranean Power Strain distributed by Socadisc. Matt Verta-Ray is the special guest. Octave Geoffroy mixes a four tracks cd promo.

Participation to a collection of short stories called : Ramones, 18 histoires noires et punk (éd: Buchet-Chastel).

2012 : Participation to two collections of short stories called : The Doors, aux portes du noir (éd: Buchet-Chastel) and La Souris Déglinguée, 30 histoires lysergiques (éd: Camion Blanc).

Creation of the Matt Verta-Ray's Official Website.

Masters at Paradise releases the long awaited album by The Oubliettes (feat. Matt Verta-Ray and Ali Smith).